Workout Buddy
This project created a small electronic device I could take to the gym with me to record workout information. This was before the time of cell phone apps that would have provided much of this capability. The one thing a cell phone could not measure would be my heartbeat. This device talks to a chest sensor to ready and record my heart rate.

Sun Tracker
This project created a device to track the sun. It can be used as a solar compass for outdoor robot applications.

Sparkfun Autonomous Vehicle Competition Robot
This ongoing project is creating a robot to enter into Sparkfun's annual robot competition near Bolder Colorado.

GPS witness
This project created a device to monitor and visualy report the current state of GPS accuracy.

Temp chamber
This simple project created a small thermal (hot only) test chamber for testing of electronic devices.

Furnace monitor
This project created a monitoring system for my home heating system. I monitors the state of the three heat zones in my house, the state of my wood pellet stove, as well as indoor and outdoor temperatures. It records the minute by minute information to a CSV file and sends me a daily email of its graph.

Lightning detector
This ongoing project is to build a device to warn me of close lighting storms so that I can power down my rather extensive computer network and my wifes computer controlled sewing machines. I have been hit by lighting once and do not want a repeat.


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