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Skye's NXT ramblings

The following video tutorials are an introduction to using NXT in FLL. The goal is to show a way to solve missions using nothing but the sample Tribot robot in the NXT user manual. We will be using the old Ocean Odyssey challenge as our proving ground.

Thanks to Ken Streeter a co-coach of the Mindstorms Mayhem team for providing server space for these tutorials.

These tutorials require the free Quicktime 7.X program to display. It is available here: www.quicktime.com.

Please right click and use "Save Target as..." to save a copy to your disk.

Introduction (14.8meg Quicktime)
Support Links:
    Ocean Odyssey Rules
    Ocean Odyssey Misison Descriptions
    Ocean Odyssey Table Setup
    Ocean Odyssey Q&A
    Ocean Odyssey Animation

Drive Straight? (5.1meg Quicktime) --- Support Files (230K zip)

Great Circle (5.6meg Quicktime) --- Support Files (133K zip)

First Mission (7.5meg Quicktime) --- Support Files (85K zip)

Shark Attack (8.3meg Quicktime) --- Support Files (118K zip)

Bluetooth (10.1meg Quicktime)     NXT Bluetooth Compatibility List

Two Bugs (11.91meg Quicktime)

More to come in the following days/weeks/months/years!

Nothing at the moment. Keep checking back as I am working on information.

Nothing at the moment. Keep checking back as I am working on information.

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NXT Web sites/pages
ORTOP NXT Tutorials

The official LEGO Mindstorms page

The official LEGO Mindstorms Bluetooth page

LEGO Mindstorms NXT Forum

Philippe Hurbain's NXT motor internals

Philippe Hurbain's LEGO Mindstorms NXT

HighTechKids NXT training Materials

The NXT STEP - LEGO Mindstorms NXT Blog

NBC A version of NQC for the NXT! (and no, it will not be allowed for FLL)

Programmable Brick Utilities

Astolfo's RCX and NXT website (includes an NXT line follower)

bNxt weblog with links to other pages

Line following programs in NXT-G

NXT Bluetooth Compatibility List

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NXT Products
NXT Robotics Engineering II: Guided Research Curriculum

LEGO Educational-Pricing List

Robolab 2.9 (NXT compatible)

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General LEGO Links
Bricklink - Gateway to the unofficial LEGO marketplace.

The LEGO robotics forum on Lugnet

LEGO parts reference

LEGO parts and kit inventory reference

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