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FIRST LEGO League Forum Archive (2001-07)

FLL UFAQ A compendium of questions and answers relating to FLL.

Coaches' Primer Version 3.0 dated 7/2005. This was previously known as the Coaches' Handbook but has been renamed to prevent confusion with the new FIRST document. Please right click and select "save target as" to download a copy of this 1.2 meg pdf file to your computer.

Gear train Excel spreadsheet

Powerpoint presentation on Nano Technology by Glen P. Miller of the University of New Hampshire

Dr. Justin Case Movie Information
2003 Dr. Justin Case in Mission Mars.
2004 Nina in No Limits
2005 Ocean Odyssey

Technical Information
RoboLab info
Instructions for a simple robot
Toeing the Line (Experiments with Line-following Algorithms) by Jonathan A. Gray

Old Team Pages
2001 Season "Sno Devils" (Team 408)
2002 Season "Tekno Devils" (Team 858)
2003 Season "Tekno Devils" (Team 040)
2004 Season "Tekno Devils" (Team 1328)

Past Competitions
2002 New Hampshire State FLL tournament.
2002 Nashua, New Hampshire local FLL tournament.
2003 New Hampshire State FLL tournament.
2003 Merrimack, New Hampshire local FLL tournament.
2003 Nashua (Fairgrounds), New Hampshire local FLL tournament.
2005 New Hampshire State FLL tournament.

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Web Sites
FIRST home page
FIRST LEGO League home page
A tutorial on Mindscripts programming language
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Building LEGO Robots for FIRST LEGO League
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Program by Jim Sluka to print an RIS program.

Technical Information
NXT Utilities provided by Blockium.

Team Pages
Mindstorms Mayhem (NH State Director Award winner 2003)
HyperDrives (NC State Director Award winner 2002)
Southern Stars
Boylston/Tahanto Robotics
The Knights of the Future (Danish team)
Bethany area of Portland Oregon
S.M.A.R.T. (CT State Director Award winner 2004/2005)
SCS Lego Robotics 2005-2006
RISbotics (2005-2006 Benelux Champions)
A.E.R.O Cows (Beaverton, Oregon)

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About the coach

I am a veteran FLL coach having participated since Arctic Impact.
Besides coaching my own team, I have: I guess that would really make me an FLL Freak!
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About this web site
These pages are very simple on purpose. Not everyone has fast broadband connections. Simple pages are also simple to maintain.
I registered the domain "fll-freak" via I also contract with them for storage space.


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