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FIRST LEGO League information
This website is transitioning away from FIRST LEGO League information. I will keep the old website data available for some period of time before archiving it for good. If you are interested in taking over some or all of my website, please let me know via email

Old FIRST LEGO League website

Robotic Projects
Under construction

Link to my robot project blog

Stop Action Animation movies
2003 Dr. Justin Case in Mission Mars.
2004 Nina in No Limits
2005 Ocean Odyssey

About me

I am an embedded software engineer working in New Hampshire USA.
My interests include robotics, woodworking, and stop action animation
If you want, send me an email to

About this web site
These pages are very simple on purpose. Not everyone has fast broadband connections. Simple pages are also simple to maintain.
I registered the domain "fll-freak" via I also contract with them for storage space.


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